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    BREAKFAST | 8:30-10 AM

    Bagel: $1.50

    toasted with butter: $1.75

    with cream cheese: $2.50

    with lox spread: $3.99

    add tomato & onion: $.25 each

    Smoked Nova Lox: $8.99

    (cream cheese, tomato onion & capers)

    Parisienne: $5.99

    (buttered baguette with ham)

    Breakfast sandwich

    (Your choice of bagel or toast | +$1.00 for baguette | Meat choices: bacon, ham or turkey)

    Egg & cheese: $3.99

    Egg, cheese & meat: $5.99

    Egg, cheese & pastrami: $6.99


    Montreal-Style Smoked
    Pastrami on Rye: $10.99

    (served on rye with mustard on the side)

    The Ray-Ray: $10.99

    half pastrami with soup

    The Ruben: $12.99

    pastrami, swiss, saurkraut, 1000-island, grilled on rye

    The Detroit: $12.99

    pastrami, swiss, smoked slaw, 1000-island, grilled on rye

    The Duchess: $12.99

    pastrami, swiss, homemade giardinieriera, aioli, 1000-island, grilled on rye

    Half-sandwhich: $7.75

    includes side and a pickle spear

    add cheese: +$1.00

    extra meat: +$3.00

    Sandwhiches—Made To Order

    Choice of bread: white, wheat, rye or bagel or baguette (+$1.00).
    Add cheese (+$1.00)

    Liverwurst: $7.99

    Tuna Salad: $8.99

    Smoked Nova Lox: $8.99

    with cream cheese, tomato, onion & capers

    Nicoise: $8.99

    with olive tapenade, tuna in oil, lettuce, tomato, onion, hard boiled egg, capers, on baguette with vinaigrette

    Copenhagen: $8.99

    with Nova Lox, lettuce, tomato, onion, hard boiled egg, capers, tarragon-Dijon mayonnaise on buttered rye

    BLT: $7.99

    Egg Salad: $5.99

    Grilled Cheese: $5.99

    add meat: (+$2.00)

    Grab N'Go European-style

    Complete with butter, lettuce, tomato, onion on baguette

    1. Royal Ham & Swiss: $6.99

    2. Boiled Ham, Danish & Gypsy Bacon: $6.99

    3. Turkey Breast & Provolone: $7.99

    4. Daily Special (M-F)

    Special orders as always accepted, but will be charged an additional $1.00

    Build Your Own: starting at $7.99

    Montreal-Style Pastrami Meat Master

    Perfectly seasoned, hand-cared and piled high. Served with hearty rye, horseradish, Dijon, mustard and old-fashioned dills.

    SMALL—serves 10: $125

    MEDIUM—serves 15: $175

    LARGE—serves 20: $225

    To guarantee availability, please provide 24 hours notice on catering orders.

    Group Sack Lunches:

    Add $3.00 to ANY menu options to make it a Sack Lunch. Includes your choice of a homemade side option, bag of chips and a sweet treat. Minimum of 10 per order.


    Montreal-Style Pastrami: $24.99/lb.

    Tuna Salad: $7.50 1/2 lb.

    Potato Salas: $4.50 1/2 lb.

    Smoked Coleslaw: $4.50 1/2 lb.